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Book Cover The Life of Geoffrey Chaucer : A Critical Biography
(Blackwell Critical Biographies)
by Derek Pearsall
Blackwell Pub, January 1,1995
An impressive Chaucer biography.
"...highly readable, built on a sound scholarly base
with wit and judgment...." —Derek Brewer
Table of Contents

Collected Works of Chaucer

Book Cover The Riverside Chaucer
by Geoffrey Chaucer, Larry D. Benson (Editor)
Published by Houghton Mifflin Company, Feb 1987
The Chaucerians' "Bible," the authoritative
text of all Chaucer's works with glossaries,
notes, as well as sources and analogues. This
is a must for the serious student and scholar.

Canterbury Tales

Book Cover must
The Canterbury Tales: Fifteen Tales and the General Prologue
(A Norton Critical Edition)
by Geoffrey Chaucer, V.A. Kolve, Glending Olson
W.W. Norton & Co.; 2nd ed, 2005
This is the most useful edition to the student.
Retains Middle English spelling with outstanding glosses.
Also includes relevant sources used by Chaucer,
and pertinent critical articles.

Book Cover The Canterbury Tales
by Geoffrey Chaucer, David Wright, Translator
Published by Oxford Univ Pr, 2nd ed., 2008
An excellent verse translation that retains
the feel of Chaucer's language.
"scholarly, and frequently pleasing... a delight"
—Times Educational Supplement

Book Cover Canterbury Tales
by Geoffrey Chaucer, A.C. Cawley, editor
Reprint Edition, Revised
Everyman Paperback Classics, 1990
The complete Tales in Middle English with
good glosses.

Book Cover The Canterbury Tales
(Penguin Classics)
by Geoffrey Chaucer, Nevill Coghill (Translator)
Penguin USA, Revised Ed, 2003
"Rendered here with consummate skill and
sensitivity into modern English verse by Nevill
Coghill, The Canterbury Tales (which Geoffrey
Chaucer began in 1386 and never completed)
retain all their vigour, their humour and indeed
their poetry." —Penguin Books.

Book Cover
Oxford Guides to Chaucer: The Canterbury Tales
by Helen Cooper
Paperback 2nd Edition
Oxford Univ Press, May 1996
An impressive, comprehensive study of the Tales,
with stylistic and thematic analyses as well as
discussion on sources and analogues, and the
critical heritage. A must for any student. Irreplaceable!

Book Cover
The Wife of Bath: Case Studies in Contemporary Criticis
by Geoffrey Chaucer, Peter G. Beidler (Editor)
Published by Bedford Books, 1996
"This new edition of Chaucer's Wife of Bath's Prologue
and Tale is at once a useful introduction to the text,
character and culture (both historical and critical) of the
Wife, and also an introduction to contemporary critical
methods of reading her (all intended for undergraduates
or beginning graduate students)."
—Michael Calabrese

Book Cover Chaucer and the Universe of Learning
by Ann W. Astell
Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, 1996.
"Astell proposes that Chaucer intended the order
preserved in what is known as the Ellesmere
manuscript. In supporting her claim, Astell reveals
a wealth of insights into the world of medieval
learning, Chaucer's expected audience, and the
meaning of The Canterbury Tales."(Card Catalog)

Book Cover A Companion to Chaucer's Canterbury Tales
by Margaret Hallissy
Greenwood Pub Group, Nov 1995
"geared specifically to high school and under-
graduate students because it systematically
proceeds through a clear explication of each
tale and makes the tales accessible to those
unfamiliar with Chaucer's work. Reading this
book along with Canterbury Tales, tale by tale,
will help the reader to understand and appreciate
each tale, Chaucer's world, and his language."
—The Publisher

Book Cover Chaucer's Pilgrims : An Historical Guide to the
Pilgrims in the Canterbury Tales

by Laura C. Lambdin (Editor), Robert T. Lambdin (Editor)
A study in to the vocations of the Canterbury Pilgrims,
specifically their place and function in society in the
14th century. There are also bibliographies of recent
critical works for each pilgrim, to provide a starting
point for further research.

Book Cover Chaucer, Boccacio, and the Debate of Love : A Comparative
Study of the Decameron and the Canterbury Tales

by N. S. Thompson
Oxford Univ Press; April 1999
"In this study, Thompson explores the links between
the two most popular collections of medieval narrative.
Looking at the Decameron and the Canterbury Tales
in their entirety, Thompson reveals many surprising
similarities—ranging from the way they discuss fiction
to their treatment of it—which have, until now, remained
unnoticed." (OUP Catalog)

Book Cover Framing the Canterbury Tales :
Chaucer and the Medieval Frame Narrative Tradition

by Katherine S. Gittes
Published by Greenwood Pub Group, October 1991
"A clear emphasis on the literary antecedents of the
Canterbury Tales differentiates this book from most
criticism of Chaucer's work. Gittes finds a blending of
two frame narrative traditions in the Canterbury Tales,
one originating in India and the Near East, and the
other in ancient Greece."   —The Publisher

Troilus and Criseyde

Book Cover Troilus and Criseyde : A New Translation
(World's Classics)
by Geoffrey Chaucer, B. A. Windeatt
Oxford University Press, June 1998
This modern English prose translation includes an
introduction by a major Chaucerean scholar, an
index of Trojan War names, and an illuminating
index of Proverbs.

Book Cover Oxford Guides to Chaucer : Troilus and Criseyde
by Barry Windeatt
Oxford Press, 1995
"The most comprehensive introduction to Troilus and Criseyde
yet produced. It includes the fullest and most convenient account
of Chaucer's imaginative use of his sources, the first extended analysis
of the poem's originality of genre, and a readable commentary on all
aspects of the work, its structure, themes, characterization, and style.
It also contains a survey of literary responses to Troilus in
the three centuries following Chaucer's death." —The Publisher.

Book Cover Chaucer's Troilus and Criseyde:
A Poet's Response to Ockhamism

by Helen Ruth Andretta
Published by Peter Lang Publishing, April 1997
"This study comprehensively reviews Ockhamism
and its possible influence on Chaucer in his version
of the Troy story. A close analysis of the anachron-
istic characterizations of Troilus, Criseyde, and
Pandarus and of the images, words and discourse
of the poem leads to the conclusion that Chaucer
was a traditional scholastic thinker, thereby making
the poem an artistic negative response to the skept-
ical philosophy of his time. "   —The Publisher

Shorter Poems

Book Cover Oxford Guides to Chaucer: The Shorter Poems
by A. J. Minnis
Clarendon Press, August 1995
"Introductory chapters on the social and cultural contexts...
in-depth, individual chapters on the Book of the Duchess, the House of Fame,
the Parliament of Fowls, the Legend of Good Women
, and the short poems,
and includes an extensive appendix on Chaucer's language.
Combining the best of old and new critical methods and research...
will make accessible a crucial portion of Chaucer's work for students."

Legend of Good Women

Book Cover The Naked Text: Chaucer's Legend of Good Women
by Sheila Delany
Univ of California/Princeton Press, 1994
"After this book, it will never be possible to 'trivialize' the Legend
or to underestimate its importance in the canon of Chaucer's works again.
This beautifully written book is more than just another book on Chaucer:
this is a book on Chaucer that we really need."—R. A. Shoaf

House of Fame

Book Cover Chaucer's House of Fame: The Poetics of
Skeptical Fideism

by Sheila Delany
Univ Press of Florida, 1994
An introduction to Fideism in Chaucer.

Chaucer's Language

Book Cover The Language and Metre of Chaucer
by Bernard ten Brink; Revised by Friedrich Kluge.
Translated by M. Bentinck Smith
Published by Greenwood Pub Group, 1969
"Phonology, accidence—verb formations and
inflections—and verse and stanza structure are
treated in this standard text."
—The Publisher

Cover Chaucer and the Politics of Discourse
by Michaela Paasche Grudin
Univ of South Carolina Press, 1996
"Michaela Paasche Grudin contends that for
Chaucer speech is the heart of culture and
that his major work comprises a copious and
subtle analysis of the spoken word.... Grudin
provides surprising new readings of Chaucer's
poetry." (Card Catalog)

Chaucer and Gender

Cover Gender and Romance in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales
by Susan Crane
Princeton Univ Press, July 1,1994
"In this fresh look at Chaucer's relation to
English and French romances of the late
Middle Ages, Crane shows that Chaucer's
depictions of masculinity and femininity
constitute an extensive and sympathetic
response to the genre." (PUPress)

Book Cover Chaucer and the Fictions of Gender
by Elaine Tuttle Hansen
Univ of California/Princeton Press, January 1,1992
"Hansen expertly demonstrates Chaucer's gender
anxieties regarding authorship, the feminine, and
women characters; even more impressive, however,
is her central argument—the necessity of rereading
familiar Chaucer stories."
—Cheryl Glenn

Cover Clean Maids, True Wives, Steadfast Widows :
Chaucer's Women and Medieval Codes of Conduct

by Margaret Hallissy
Published by Greenwood Pub Group, February 1993
"Hallissy's lively and literate study traces Chaucer's
female characterizations against a background of
medieval rules and common assumptions governing
women to determine where he adhered to or departed
from the behavioral norms." —Publisher

Cover Chaucer's Sexual Poetics
by Carolyn Dinshaw
Univ of Wisconsin Press, February 1990
"[Dinshaw] finds gendered relations such as courtship,
marriage, and betrayal, to be not just plot elements,
but central to understanding Chaucer's investment in
patriarchal discourse and his awareness of its limitations.
The back matter is extensive, comprising over a third
of the book." —Book News, Inc.

Cover The Mythographic Chaucer: The Fabulation of Sexual Politics
by Jane Chance
Univ of Minnesota Press, 1994
Feminist reading of mythography in Chaucer.


Book Cover A New Introduction to Chaucer
(Longman Medieval and Renaissance Library)
by Derek S. Brewer
2nd edition
Addison Wesley, 1998
"[R]adically rewritten since the previous edition....
[A] modern restatement of some of the traditional
views on Chaucer, and seeks to present a rounded
introduction to his life, cultural setting and works."
—The Publisher.

Book Cover Chaucer's Dream Poetry
by Geoffrey Chaucer, Helen Phillips, Nick Havely
Published by Addison Wesley Pub Co, Feb 1998
"The poems discussed are The Book of the Duchess,
The Legend of Good Women, The Legend of Dido,
The Parliament of Fowls and The House of Fame.
Each have an introduction setting the poem within
the context of Dream Poetry and Chaucer's own work."
—The Publisher.

Book Cover Chaucer at Work: The Making of the Canterbury Tales
by Peter Brown
Longman Pub Group, June 1994
"[A]voids excessive amounts of background
information and involves the reader in the
discovery of how Chaucer composed his famous
work. It presents a series of sources and
contexts to be considered in conjunction
with key passages from Chaucer´┐Żs poems."
—The Publisher.

Book Cover Chaucer: Sources and Backgrounds
by Robert P. Miller
Published by Oxford Univ Pr, June 1977
Sources and backgrounds for Chaucer's
works. Valuable book for study of primary
sources and analogues.

Book Cover Chaucer and the French Tradition :
A Study in Style and Meaning

by Charles Muscatine
Univ of California Pr, June 1957
One of the "standards" in Chaucer studies,
this book offers good interpretations of
Chaucer's works in light of the French
literary tradition.

Cover Chaucer and His World
by Derek Brewer
Reissue Edition
Boydell & Brewer, 1992
"Derek Brewer's biography offers what cultural
anthropologists may call a 'thick description' of
his life and times, reflecting first the poetry, but
drawing on historical documents and critical
insights to give a full and rounded picture of a
distant but still relevant age and a fascinating
poet."(Card Catalog)

Cover Chaucer and His Readers: Imagining the
Author in Late-Medieval England

by Seth Lerer
Princeton Univ Press, 1997
"An excellent book on the reception of Chaucer's
writings in the fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries.
His central claim is that Chaucer—as author, as
"laureate," and as "father" of English poetry—is a
construction of his later fifteenth-century scribes,
readers, and poetic imitators."
—Derek Pearsall, Yearbook of English Studies

Book Cover Chaucer and the Subject of History
by Lee Patterson
Univ of Wisconsin Press, October 1,1991
A study of Chaucer in and his works in history.
"Chaucer and the Subject of History is the
product of one of the most original and power-
ful minds in medieval literary studies today. I
predict that this will be the Chaucer book of
our generation."
—Peter W. Travis, Dartmouth College

Book Cover Chaucer's Chain of Love
by Paul Beekman Taylor
Fairleigh Dickinson Univ Press, November 1996
"Traces the thematic and structural implications for
Chaucer's poetry of the Platonic-Christian concept
of the chain of love between God and his creation,
linking time, space, and words."
—Stephen R. Reimer

Book Cover Chaucer's Ovidian Arts of Love
by Michael A. Calabrese
Published by Univ Pr of Florida, September 1994
"This book is the fullest study of Ovid and Chaucer
available and the only one to focus on love, desire,
and the gender-power struggles that Chaucer explores
through Ovid."   —Card Catalog

Book Cover Chaucer in Context: Society, Allegory and Gender
(Manchester Medieval Studies)
by S. H. Rigby
Manchester Univ Press, February 1997.
"Writing as an historian, Rigby argues that instead of
seeking to modernise Chaucer, we need to locate his
work in the context of the thought, social issues and
political controversies of Chaucer's own day."
(Card Catalog)
"A historian considers current disputes in Chaucer
studies (was he a sceptic or a believer? was he a
misogynist or a defender of women? did his writings
challenge the social order or defend the status quo?)"
—Stephen R. Reimer


Book Cover Ornamentation and Illustrations
from the Kelmscott Chaucer

by W. Morris
Dover Publications, June 1973.
An introduction to the illuminations
in Kelmscott Chaucer.

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