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Dancing Girls
Dancing Girls
"This splendid volume of short fiction testifies to Margaret Atwood's startlingly original voice, full of a rare intensity and exceptional intelligence. Her men and women still miscommunicate, still remain separate in different rooms, different houses, or even different worlds. With brilliant flashes of fantasy, humor, and unexpected violence, the stories reveal the complexities of human relationships and bring to life characters who touch us deeply, evoking terror and laughter, compassion and recognition."  —The Publisher.

Short Fiction
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Short Stories in this Collection:
(Canadian, US, and UK editions vary)
  • "The War in the Bathroom"
  • "When It Happens"
  • "The Man from Mars" — (Synopsis; Quote)
  • "A Travel Piece"
  • "Polarities" — (Synopsis)
  • "The Resplendent Quetzal" — (Synopsis)
  • "Under Glass"
  • "Training"
  • "The Grave of the Famous Poet"
  • "Lives of the Poets" — (Quote)
  • "Dancing Girls"
  • "Hair Jewellery" — (Quote; Read Story)
  • "Giving Birth"
  • "Rape Fantasies" [removed from US Editions] (PPT Presentation)
  • "Betty" — (Synopsis)
  • "The Sin Eater"

Excerpts from Dancing Girls
Excerpt: "The War in the Bathroom" - Amazon.com
Excerpt: "Hair Jewellery" - Queen's University, Canada

Book Reviews
New York Times Review, 1982

Essays on Dancing Girls
Temporality and Margaret Atwood - Alice Ridout
Student EssayAtwood's "Rape Fantasies" and Mamet's Oleanna - Andrew Adams
Student EssayA Critical Reading - Anna Swift

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Margaret Atwood has gone on to become not just
a major Canadian Writer, and a woman writer (whom some would call a Feminist Writer),
but an award-winning author of English literature. Her works include novels,
short stories, poetry, etc.