Pamphilia to Amphilanthus
by Lady Mary Wroth


IF ever love had force in humane brest,
If ever he could move in pensive heart:
Or if that he such powre could but impart,
To breed those flames, whose heat brings ioys unrest.

Then looke on me; I am to these adrest,
I am the soule that feeles the greatest smart:
I am that heartlesse Trunck of hearts depart;
And I that One, by love, and griefe opprest.

None ever felt the truth of loves great misse
Of eyes till I deprived was of blisse;
For had he seene, he must have pitty show'd.

I should not have beene made this Stage of woe,
Where sad Disasters haue their open show:
O no, more pitty he had sure bestow'd.

British Women Writers. Dale Spender and Janet Todd, Eds.
New York: Peter Bedrick Books, 1989.  15.

to Lady Mary Wroth

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