King James I



F IRST Iove, as greatest God above the rest,
   Graunt thou to me a pairt of my desyre :
That when in verse of thee I write my best,
This onely thing I earnestly requyre,
That thou my veine Poetique so inspyre,
As they may suirlie think, all that it reid,
When I descryve thy might and thundring fyre,
That they do see thy self in verie deid
From heaven thy greatest Thunders for to leid,
And syne vpon the Gyants heads to fall :
Or cumming to thy Semele with speid
In Thunders least, at her request and call :
    Or throwing Phaethon downe from heaven to eard.
    With threatning thunders, making monstrous reard.


Robert S. Rait, Ed. A Royal Rhetorician: King James VI and I.
Westminster: A Constable and Co., 1900. 63.



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