Isaac Newton: Additional Resources

Biography - The Columbia Encyclopedia
Biography - Microsoft Encarta
Biography - University of St Andrews, Scotland
Biography - Paul Charbonneau
Biography - Eric Weisstein
Biography - J. A. Schuster
Biography - Michael Fowler
Biography - Britain Express
Biographical - John Gribbin
Biographical - LucidCafe
Biography - W. W. Rouse Ball (1908)
Newton's Birth Date and The Anni Mirabiles - Kevin Brown

NOVA: Newton's Dark Secrets - PBS
Images from the NY Public Library Exhibit -
Title-page of Opticks, 1718 - University of Sydney
Title-page of Principia, 1687 - University of Sydney
Title-page of Principia, 1726 - University of Sydney
Portraits at the National Portrait Gallery, London - NPG
The 1689 Kneller Portrait - Paul Charbonneau
The Grave of Sir Isaac Newton -

The Chymistry of Isaac Newton: Newton and Alchemy - William R. Newman
NOVA: Newton's Dark Secrets - PBS
PBS Nova: Interactive Newton Manuscript
Isaac Newton Resources - Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences
Newton and Calculus - Don Allen
How Newton Built on Galileo's Ideas - Michael Fowler
Newtons Laws of Motion - Tom Henderson
Newton's Laws - R. Nave
Newton and the Unification of Physics & Astronomy - UTennessee
Shoulders of Giants: What Newton Really Meant - John Gribbin

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