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Biography - Encarta
Biography - The Columbia Encyclopedia
Foxe's Book of Martyrs - Catholic Encyclopedia
Sketch of the Author - William Byron Forbush

Portrait of Foxe [182k]
Portrait of Foxe [615k] - Guildhall Library
Portrait of Foxe [18k]
Selected Woodcuts from Actes and Monuments - UPenn
Title-pages of Volumes 1 and 2 - UPenn
From The Book of Martyrs: Martyrdom of Thomas Cranmer
From The Book of Martyrs: Martyrs burning [66k]
Leaves from Foxe's Book of Martyrs (1641 ed.)
The Burning of William White [30k]
The Burning of John Hooper at Glocester
Dr. Taylor, Rebuking a Popish Priest
The Burning of William Hunter & Thomas Tomkins
The Burning of Thomas Tomkins Hand by Bishop Bonner
The Burning of Dr. Farrar & Rawlins White
Thomas Wats & Thomas Haukes
Cutbert Simson upon the Rack
Thomas Hinshaw scourgd by the Bp. Bonner
The Burning of Four Martyrs in Canterbury
Twenty Two Prisoners brought in one Band
The Examination of Wm. Hale
Five Martyrs burning
The description of a Popish Priest
Three martyrs burning
The Burning of Katherine Cawches, and her two Daughters
From The Book of Martyrs: three women burning [253k]
From The Book of Martyrs: A martyr on the rack [359k]

Introduction to Actes and Monuments - The Cambridge History, &c.
About Foxe's Actes and Monuments - Owen Williams
Acts and Monuments: three women burning. Detail.
Acts and Monuments: three women burning. Detail.

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