Tar Baby

Tar Baby is the story of the love affair between a beautiful black model, molded by white culture, and a black man who represents everything she both fears and desires. It sweeps from a white millionaire's luxurious Caribbean estate to the shimmering sophistication of Manhattan to the bedrock realities of the American southland. This is not only a novel of hypnotic, lyrical beauty, it is a revelation of all the shades of feeling and the full spectrum of choices facing women and men in a black-and-white world.
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Periodizing Toni Morrison's Work from The Bluest Eye to Jazz: The Importance of Tar Baby - Malin Walther Pereira
Struggling with a History of Capitalism in Toni Morrison’s Tar Baby - Sean Campbell
Yearning for the Homeland - Alma Jean Billingslea-Brown
Tar Baby and Womanist Theology - Karen Baker-Fletcher
Foreign Exotic or Domestic Drudge? The African American Woman in "Quicksand" and "Tar Baby" - Ann Rayson, Melus
The Double Consciousness of Cultural Pariahs—Fantasy, Trauma and Black Identity in Toni Morrison's Tar Baby - Shao Yuh-chuan [.pdf]
The Gender of Diaspora in Toni Morrison's Tar Baby - Yogita Goyal [.pdf]
The Presence, Roles, and Functions of the Grotesque in Toni Morrison's Novels - Alyce R. Baker [.pdf]
The Inauthentic Tar Baby - Anniina Jokinen
The Class Distinction Among African Americans in Toni Morrison's
          The Bluest Eye, Tar Baby and Song of Solomon - Radka Zlatohlávková [.doc]

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Study Guide for Tar Baby - Teresa M. DiPasquale
Tar Baby, Origins and Meanings - Kim Pearson

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