Song of Solomon

"In an effort to hide his southern, working class roots, Macon Dead, an upper-class Northern black businessman tries to insulate his family from the danger and despair of the rank and file blacks with whom he shares the neighborhood. The plan leads his son, "Milkman"—a name he earned after his mother nursed him well past the proper age—onto a path exactly opposite the one his father had hoped. Milkman is driven into the arms of a violent, lower-class woman, into a clandestine circle of blacks who repay white violence in kind and into an awareness that he can fulfill his own potential by understanding the mistakes of his ancestors as they relate to his own."

Essays= student essay

Memory and the Quest for Family History in One Hundred Years of Solitude and
                                              Song of Solomon - Susana Vega-Gonzá "Every Goodbye Ain't Gone": The Semiotics of Death, Mourning, and
                                              Closural Practice in Toni Morrison's Song of Solomon - Cedric Gael Bryant, MELUS
"Anaconda love": Parental Enmeshment in Toni Morrison's 'Song of Solomon' - Gary Storhoff, Style
Dead Letter Office: Conspiracy, Trauma, and Song of Solomon's Posthumous Communication - Michael Rothberg
The South in Toni Morrison's Song of Solomon: Initiation, Healing, and Home - Catherine Carr
"1 + 1 = 3" and Other Dilemmas: Reading Vertigo in Invisible Man,
                                 My Life in the Bush of Ghosts, and Song of Solomon - Valorie D. Thomas
Revolutionary Suicide in Toni Morrison's Fiction - Katy Ryan, African American Review
Conscious Experience and Representation in Toni Morrison's Song of Solomon - David Pendery
The Presence, Roles, and Functions of the Grotesque in Toni Morrison's Novels - Alyce R. Baker [.pdf]
The Fathers May Soar: Folklore and Blues in Song of Solomon - Naomi Van Tol
The Class Distinction Among African Americans in Toni Morrison's
          The Bluest Eye, Tar Baby and Song of Solomon - Radka Zlatohlávková [.doc]

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