"Jazz is the story of a triangle of passion, jealousy, murder and redemption, of sex and spirituality, of slavery and liberation, of country and city, of being male and female, African American, and above all of being human. Like the music of its title, it is a dazzlingly lyric play on elemental themes, as soaring and daring as a Charlie Parker solo, as heartbreakingly powerful as the blues." (Back Cover)

Essays and Articles
Variations on a Theme: The Role of Music in Toni Morrison's Jazz - Tone Berre [.pdf]
Women's Classic Blues in Toni Morrison's Jazz - Tracy Sherard, Genders
Toni Morrison's Jazz and the City - Anne Marie Paquet-Deyris, AfAmReview
Traces of Derrida in Toni Morrison's 'Jazz'" - Philip Page, AfAmReview
Golden Gray and the Talking Book: Identity as a Site of Artful Construction in Morrison's Jazz - Caroline Brown
Recreating the Black Self: The Hidden Text in Toni Morrison's Jazz - Tang Soo Ping
Re-Membering the Song of My Self — African-American Self-Formation in Toni Morrison's Jazz - Wei-ching Lai[.pdf]
Periodizing Toni Morrison's work from 'The Bluest Eye' to 'Jazz': the importance of 'Tar Baby' - Malin Walther Pereira
Singing the Blues/Reclaiming Jazz: Toni Morrison and Cultural Mourning - Roberta Rubenstein
The Story Must Go On and On: The Fantastic, Narration, and Intertextuality in Toni Morrison's Beloved and Jazz - Martha J. Cutter
From Faulkner to Morrison: "Jazzing Up" the American Nobel Prize Heritage - Cathy C. Waegner
Revolutionary Suicide in Toni Morrison's Fiction - Katy Ryan, African American Review
Literary Free Jazz? Mumbo Jumbo and : Language and Meaning - Keren Omry
The Presence, Roles, and Functions of the Grotesque in Toni Morrison's Novels - Alyce R. Baker [.pdf]

Book Reviews
The Clearest Eye, by Edna O'Brien - NY Times

Chronology of Toni Morrison's Jazz - Jay Clayton
Jazz Topics - Prof. Andrade

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